Tablet Mounts

PMT tablet mounts are available for mounting tablet PC vehicle docks or cradles in multiple environments. Whether it’s in-vehicle, forklift, dash-mount, desk-mount, wall-mount or other flat surface mounting, PMT tablet mounts are designed to be versatile, compact, easy-to-install and durable.

PMT tablet mounts are user-adjustable and can be positioned to fit the ergonomic needs of users. With a standard VESA mounting plate included, tablet mounts offer mounting system flexibility and easy integration for new and existing vehicle docks and cradles.

Desk Stand

Table Mount - AS5.T500.001

Dual Link

AS5.D200.003 - Dual Link Stand with VESA back

Keyboard Cradle

AS7.C100.001 - Two Piece Mount

Strap Mount

AS5.S500.001 Tablet Strap Mount with Hooks

Cantilever Arm

AS9.C187 - Side Mount with G1 Dual Pivot

Tablet Tilt

Tablet Tilt - AS7.U700.008-1

Swivel Pedestal

Pedestal Mount - AS5.T500.002

Forklift Mounts

Forklift Mount Beak w Extension Arm - AS5.F250

On-Dash Mounts