24" Front Angle Console

PMT 24" Front Angle Console represents itself from a range of offerings available to the Utility and Enterprise market sector. This version comes with an angled lift on the front to bring the installed equipment more up in to the eyeline of the user and to give easier access to control the equipment. Rounded edges are included to improve occupant safety.

The images shown here display the console shell AS4.C241.101 which has been fitted with optional console equipment including a left mounted armrest (AS4.A100.018-L), a right mounted armrest (AS4.A100.018-R), dual cupholder (AS4.C501.016), and has been filled with blank faceplates, which are used to fill space not taken up by your configuration of faceplates, locking boxes and containment trays. Printer-armrests are also available.

Also available, not shown here, is the "Over Console Swing Arm Assembly" (AS4.C241.003) which would give the option for mounting a computer in to the vehicle.

Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, PMT consoles are strong and sturdy enclosures, offer corrosion resistance and assist in reducing in-vehicle vibration for long-term durability and value.

AS4.C241.101 Angle View with dual cupholder and dual armrests AS4.C241.101 Top View with dual cupholder and dual armrests
 AS4.C241.101 Side View with dual cupholder and dual armrests



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  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
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  • Angled lift gives easy visibility to console mounted equipment
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty