2020+ Ford Police Interceptor® Utility Vehicle Console

This NEW low profile 2020+ Ford Police Interceptor® Utility SightLine console is designed take into account of the new electric braking module and relocate it into a convenient position on the console for ease of use and safety.

It also can be relocated to the “knock-off” position on the side of the console panel to ensure maximum space usability on the console. The USB port modules also have the option to be  located at the front or the side of the console. The console is designed to offer maximum flexibility to ensure it will fit perfectly on the vehicle and provides for a comfortable and safe operator environment.

PMT-2020-Ford-SUV-Console  PMT-2020-Ford-SUV-Console 2
PMT-2020-Ford-SUV-Console 1  PMT-2020-Ford-SUV-Console 4



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  • Ergonomic, compact, and flexible fit solution for safety and comfortable use
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Breakaway sliding armrest and cup holder
  • Dual 12V sockets with placement options
  • Ample room to mount radios, lights and siren controllers
  • Equipment specific faceplates
  • Customizable with an array of accessories
  • Electric braking and USB port module can be mounted on the front or the side of the console.

Approximate Dimensions