PMT Quality

pmt-qualityPMT is committed to providing mobile workforces with quality products, innovative in-vehicle mounting solutions and an exceptional customer experience. At every stage - from design, development, evaluation, production to sales and support - PMT performs quality improvement activities throughout the company.


PMT mounting solutions are manufactured completely in‐house using vertically-integrated manufacturing system. In addition, our highly‐developed competence in engineering design, mechanical solutions, quality assurance and operations, allows us to respond to customers’ needs quickly and easily. PMT practices a flexible product development model, so innovative features or product changes can be incorporated into product development phases and production at the latest possible moment.

PMT uses state-of-the-art laser cutting and CNC-controlled milling machines to ensure precision production of in-vehicle mounting infrastructure products, computer, tablet and peripheral mounts and vehicle docks and cradles. These products are made to exact specifications and inspected at each stage of production and assembly to ensure customer satisfaction for years to come.


PMT products are manufactured using the highest quality material and components. All products are built exclusively with aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum offers a number of advantages including corrosion resistance, exceptional properties at low temperatures, great strength/toughness and excellent recyclability. Aluminum’s malleability also dampens road vibrations, reducing wear on technologies mounted on consoles or computer/tablet mounts.

PMT’s mounting systems and products enable mobile fleet managers to meet stringent requirements of motor vehicle safety standards. Our products are designed and tested, using independent 3rd party facilities, and conform to industry safety, environmental and regulatory requirements such as MIL-STD 810G, MIL-STD 461F (emissions), UL, ASTM and SAE J1455 certifications.


Attracting, growing and retaining great talent is critical to sustaining PMT’s competitive advantage. PMT believes that a high quality team will help us maintain our industry momentum and ensure that we remain one of the best places to work.