Forklift Mount - News

Precision Mounting Technologies announced today the introduction of a broad range of rugged and durable computer mounting solutions for forklift and lift trucks. Built to withstand everyday use and demanding environments, the mounts allow for ‘no-drill’, easy installation and mounting of tablet and laptop vehicle docks or cradles, keyboards and fixed-mount computers on forklifts.
“Mounts are available for attaching to forklift overhead guards (lift cages), vertical pillars and dash mounts”, said Brett Rowland, PMT President and General Manager. “Our innovative mount designs offer mounting flexibility - and can be adjusted to suit ergonomic and user requirements. Also, PMT’s assortment of motion mounts, vehicle docks and universal cradles complement the forklift mounts for a complete, one-stop mobile mounting solution.”
More information on the Forklift mounting solutions can be found here

Forklift Mount Beak with Tablet Tilt Extension and Keyboard - AS5.F250

March 23, 2015